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Introducing our 2-gram Disposable Vapes, carefully crafted with a blend of D8, D9, D10, and HHC, available in a selection of six enticing strains: Grape Runtz, Pineapple Express, Cereal Milk, Ice Cream Cake, Platinum Cookies, and Lemon Jack.

Discover our new bundle options for added convenience. The “OG Flavor Bundle” includes Cereal Milk, Pineapple Express, and Grape Runtz, offering a mix of delightful tastes. Alternatively, the “Effects Bundle” combines Ice Cream Cake, Lemon Jack, and Platinum Cookies, catering to different preferences.

Our Disposable Vapes are housed in a top-tier device designed for a superior vaping experience. It features a pre-heat function to prevent clogging, is rechargeable for sustainable use, offers adjustable airflow for personalized comfort, and boasts an impressively low fail-rate of less than 0.2%.

Let’s delve into the strains: Grape Runtz, an Indica-dominant hybrid, offers calming effects. Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant hybrid, provides energetic and uplifting sensations. Cereal Milk is a hybrid with a sweet milk and ice cream flavor. Ice Cream Cake, an Indica, delivers relaxation with a creamy taste. Platinum Cookies, a popular hybrid, tantalizes with sweet berry and candy notes. Finally, Lemon Jack, a focused and energizing Sativa, ensures a revitalizing experience.

Upgrade your vaping journey with our Disposable Vapes, a harmonious fusion of flavors and potency, designed to elevate your enjoyment.

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