Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program is designed to help you get even greater value for your money. Gain reward points, discounts, and early news on our great new deals. Only available at 42 Degrees – The Source.

Tier Levels

Unlock access to better discounts as you progress through the Loyalty Program tier levels!

Program Benefits

We offer a wide spectrum of benefits such as earning points from purchases, sign up bonuses, and more!

Special Offers

We provide specialized offers like birthday presents, sweepstakes, early sale alerts, and more!

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Earn Points On All Purchases

Our loyalty program is built to reward customers for making purchases with us by giving them great discounts and special offers on the supplements they need. Our loyalty program is the source for earning valuable benefits and rewards.

500 Point Signup Bonus

Just by signing up, you instantly earn bonus points and a variety of benefits before you spend a cent.
Limited Time

Tier Level Rewards

Start off in the Bronze tier and earn a point for every dollar that you spend with us. If you purchase from us occasionally, this can be a great fit and it gives you access to special promotions and unique offers.

As your point accumulate, you will be rewarded by moving up to the gold, and eventually, platinum levels of our loyalty program. The Platinum tier level allows you to enjoy collecting an entire two points for each dollar; double the bronze level rewards.

Birthday Presents

Your birthday is a special day! We allow you to take out a discount of $10 any purchase on your birthday. You don't have to rush into the shop, either; you can use the discount up to a month after claiming it.

Early Alerts on Sales and Discounts

At 42 Degrees, we often offer fire-sales to the general public. As a member of our loyalty program, you'll be the first to find out about these every time. However, those aren't the only discounts we offer; every now and then, we'll provide special discounts that are exclusively for those who've signed up for our loyalty program.

The 42 Degrees Sweepstakes

Every time you refer someone to 42 Degrees, you're able to submit an entry into the 42 Degrees Sweepstakes. There are all sorts of rewards that you can win! Try our products for yourself, refer your friends, and see if you win!


How to Redeem Your Points

You can check your point balance, view special deals, and more online at any time. To redeem your points, simply notify one of our sales representatives during checkout at any of our 8 locations.

  • 100 Points 5% OFF PURCHASE
  • 200 Points 10% OFF PURCHASE
  • 300 Points 15% OFF PURCHASE
  • 400 Points 20% OFF PURCHASE
  • 500 Points 25% OFF PURCHASE

500 Point Signup Bonus

Just by signing up, you instantly earn bonus points and a variety of benefits before you spend a cent.
Limited Time

Stay Up-To-Date On Our Deals!

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