Types of Kratom Strains & What They Do

One of the best aspects about kratom is that there are so many strains for fans to try. Each type of kratom offers the user something different depending on the type of strain it is.

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Not every newbie to kratom knows where to start researching. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you learn more about the different types of kratom and what they do.

However, whether you’ve never tried this famous leaf before or are looking for a place to start, here’s what you should know about the best types of kratom. 

What are the Different Types of Kratom?

The most popular strains fall under three categories, also known as kratom strains:

  • Red
  • White
  • Green

The color is determined by the vein color on the leaf. Other colors exist, like yellow and gold, but they are far less popular. Once you understand these three main color strains, you can easily shop for the kind that you’ll like best.

Types of Kratom Strains & What They Do - red vein kratom strain
Closeup image of a red vein kratom leaf.

Red Strains

Red strains are perhaps the most popular of the different types of kratom available. That’s because these have a high alkaloid content. In combination with a later harvesting timeframe, red strains are particularly mature and potent. If you’re looking for an intense experience, reds will satisfy.

Benefits of Red Strains

Red vein leaves often produce feelings of relaxation and calm. With this relaxation comes stress relief, an optimistic outlook, and a general feeling of well-being. Rather than stimulating, reds are typically more sedating. But perhaps what reds are most known for are their ability to relieve discomforts. 

These are the most common benefits of red types of kratom:

  • Calm and relaxation*
  • Relieve mild to severe discomforts*
  • Euphoria*
  • Sleep aid/sedation*
  • Assistance with opioid withdrawals*

Different Types of Red Vein Kratom

If you think red strains might be right for you, here are some of the most popular types of kratom you should try:

  • Bali — for relaxation and relief*
  • Thai — for sleep and opioid withdrawals*
  • Horn — promote mental well-being and muscle relaxation*

Effects of Red Strains

With so much power in red strains, it doesn’t take a large dose to feel the benefits. Even at low doses, you will begin to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Some report that a red can act as a mild stimulant at low doses, but this is disputed. We typically recommend reds for sedation purposes.

white vein kratom
An upclose image of white vein kratom powder.

White Strains

While red may give you complete relaxation and restful nights, whites are all about energy, happiness, and alertness. When taking a white kratom strain, you get natural energy without dealing with crashes.

Benefits of White Strains

White kinds of kratom leaves were typically used in Malaysia to help people accomplish their work during the day. Now, they can serve as an all-natural energy source without the jitters or crash you may get from caffeinated products. But this isn’t just an energy shot. You may also experience other benefits such as:

  • Improve focus*
  • Boost your mood*
  • Some relaxation properties for a calm energy*
  • Relieve mild to moderate discomforts*

Different Types of White-Vein Kratom

Want to give white strains a try? These are some best types of kratom to explore of the white variety:

  • Borneo — relaxation without fatigue/sedation*
  • Bali — for a boost of energy and relief*
  • Thai — euphoria and energy stimulation*

Effects of White Strains

On the opposite end of the spectrum from reds, higher doses of white leaf products will not induce strong sedation effects — it will just give you more energy.

Because of this, avoid taking these products before getting into bed. But if you need a morning boost of energy or an afternoon pick-me-up, white-vein strains could be ideal for you. 

Image of Kratom on a black background. 3 types of kratom.
Green vein kratom leaves on a black bakground.

Green Strains

Perhaps you want some benefits from both red and white types of kratom, but you don’t want their extreme properties. If this describes what you’re looking for, the best types of kratom for you may be in the green category.

Benefits of Green Strains

Because green types of kratom act almost like a hybrid between red and white, you’ll notice a wide array of benefits. What you experience may differ based on your age, gender, and BMI — all of these factors affect your dosage.

Here is a quick look at how people may benefit from green kratom. 

  • Increased energy*
  • Stronger focus*
  • More alert throughout the day*
  • Improved mood*
  • Enhanced libido*
  • Improved digestion*
  • Reduced stress*

Different Types of Green-Vein Kratom

If you’re ready to try the best types of kratom in the green variety, here are some strains you should try for yourself:

  • Malay — one of the most energizing strains even in small doses*
  • Sumatra — the greatest potency with a balance of energy, relaxation, and euphoria*
  • Borneo — the best for greater focus*

Effects of Green Strains

Green varieties are versatile because dosage makes a significant difference for these different types of kratom. In smaller doses, overcome fatigue, increase focus, and boost your mood.

Larger doses will provide discomfort relief and relaxation. Find the dosage that works best for what you want from your kratom products. 

Conclusion — Find the Best Types of Kratom for You

Once you become familiar with each strain type and their qualities, it’s easy to figure out which types of kratom suit you best.

Even though green, red, and white strains all vary in effects, you can expect a deeply satisfying, relaxing, and mood-improving experience.

Need recommendations for kratom? Talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff at 42 Degrees!

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